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Indian Women Marriage Dress Wonderful Sari Designer Orange Color

Indian Women Marriage Dress Wonderful Sari Designer Orange ColorBeautiful Indian Sari Designer Collection in Many colors, but mostly women like black color combination with other color in saris, just because black color reflection beautifully for every kind of skin, White, Average and Black skin colors mostly like black or black combination with orange, green, golden, red and in many religious point of view if […]

Indian Sarees

Indian SareesThe Indian sarees of the women in India has a history which goes way back during the early times. There have been several versions of its beginnings, why women consider wearing it as part of their tradition. According to  legend  the Indian sarees originated from the appeal of a weaver who likes to dream so […]

Traditional Wear Sarees

Traditional Wear SareesBeautiful Tradistional Sarees Collection Indian clothing is a unique blend of design both traditional and modern. It is true that the sarees are known to wear traditional Indian women, in addition to saree and lehenga cholis. But now, with the changing trends and patterns, has a sense of dress of a modern woman has undergone […]

How to wear elegant sari collection

How to wear elegant sari collectionSari in Pakistan reflects style, grace, sense and elegant. Sari enhances and increases the beauty and personality of people in Pakistan. It is important to drape a Sari in proper manner to get the perfect look in Pakistan. Dressy sari has a greater appearance when worn by women in Pakistan. Following are the few tips […]

Stylish Designer Sarees for Today

Stylish Designer Sarees for TodayBeautiful Stylish Designer Saris Sarees Fashion Worldwide but bassically In India and Pakistan More Ladies Like it so much Designer Sarees modern trend of designer accessories today are attached more importance as they look trendy and fashionable . Some saris creators are listed below In Lush Butterfly Pallu Saree the women give the impression of […]

Gypsy Skirt

Gypsy SkirtLatest Gypsy Skirt Styles For In This Season Just Come And See More A gypsy skirt is one that will create a fashion explosion as you wear your gypsy skirt , showing off her curves and calves look under this rock. A Zigeunerrockist is a bit too long , go under the knees , and […]

Back Saree Blouse

Back Saree BlouseApart from making the ensemble complete, Saree Blouse plays a major role in determining the overall look. The same Saree can impart a simple and sober look or a stylish and trendy look depending upon the Sarie Blouse it is paired with. For vivacious festivals such as Navratri, it’s only natural that women pair their […]

Latest Silk Sarees Designs

Latest Silk Sarees DesignsSilk sareeis extremely famous into India andpakistanand all about this while stylish, Silk sarees have to be grip with care.Silksareesmight get yellow and fade with the use of a high iron location. Press cloths and a steam iron are optional. Silk saree is also weakened by sunshine and perspiration.Silksareeis an group that never goes out of […]

Silk Lehenga Styles

Silk Lehenga StylesBeautiful Actress Of Bollywood Wearing Lehenga Styles Suits Indian lehenga choli is the master piece as it requires a real talent to make a hand embroidered outfit. Some forms of lehenga cholis are exclusive as the maker of this dress doesn’t pass on the secrecy of its making to anyone. Also, each maker has his/her […]

Bangali Sarees Fashion

Bangali Sarees FashionBengali Saris depict the sun, moon and stars in their patterns. Phases of the moon, radiant rim of the sun are some common patterns of bengali sarees. Calcutta sarees use silk warp and cotton weft. They are bright but subtle and have rich gold borders. Colored flowers, and green parrots are some of the patterns […]

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