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Captivating Salwar Kameez design

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Cool cottons make its round each summer with tie and dye prints. There are mulmul specials with or without the odhni. Contrasting styles have also been in fashion with the salwar-kurta-odhni all in a different colours. Designers are inspired to create special collections for bridal wear, Independence Day and also for Diwali festivals. Formal chiffons, organza, taffeta and exclusive silks with work is seen with embellishments, matching accessories like bags and shoes for the bridal season. There are soft shades; bold prints and Indo-western look for parties.

With each traditional wear has been going through changes and then disappearing Salwar kameez retains its feminine charm with newer appeal with designs each season.

During a large earlier part of the 1900s, say between the 1920s to the 1960s the women usually wore a short kameez that was somewhere between the hip and the knee. They were generally made from cotton or khadi (jute). Actually the fit resembled that of a long shirt. The difference being that it would be straight with a slit on either side. The salwar then was widely flared with a narrow horizontal band at the end.

Post 1970s the salwar kameez styles seemed to have expanded to uncountable numbers. In fact very rarely would one come across people wearing common designs and patterns. The variations were in the fabrics being used, the kind of work being done, as well as the cuts. Apart from the straight-cut kameez, there the frock styles of varying lengths – short, knee length, as well as those that flow down to the ankle.

In fact, Indian ladies felt that this garment was more comfortable and convenient to wear than the saree. Actually this garment primarily hailed from the northern regions of India where the climate was too cold to wear saree.The is also considered as the national garment of Pakistan.

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