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Capri Salwar Kameez

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Shalwar kameez, popular worldwide is not only accepted as a status symbol but also as a fashion symbol. The shalwar and kameez both have many styles each that can really make the heads turn. Whether it is formal function or just a casual hang out with friends, you can create a fashion statement by choosing the numerous fashion styles in shalwar kameez. Choose from simple to modern, elegant to seductive, whatever your mood and occasion is, a huge variety is there to give you full satisfaction and confidence. Two styles that you may not resist wearing are:

Capri Salwar Kameez

1. Kurta style shirt: recently kurta style shirt gained very much popularity among the younger generation of Pakistan. The traditional shirt is short in length and come down just above the knees or middle of thighs. Kurta shirt is worn with Capri pants, jeans or shalwar. Usually they are made from cotton, silk or georgette. Stylish kurtas can be worn as adorned or simply hand painted or embroidered. Usually the necklines and sleeves are adorned or hand embroidered in cool contrasts of thread colors and shades. You can also add laces to the hemming to bring out the beauty of the outfit and the person who wears.

Capri Salwar Kameez

2. Capri pants: traditional shalwar has become more contemporary with the new innovative style called Capri pants. Young girls prefer to wear the new trendy Capri pants in order to boost their fashion image and attractive looks. They wear them with high or medium sized heels with accessories like tote bags. Capri pants suit the tall and slim figures most but girls with medium built can also look beautiful wearing this trendy fashion wear.

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