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Camisoles were originally intended for underwear. Camisoles or the ‘cami’ as it is commonly known was reserved for the eyes of husbands, lovers, for intimate, sensual and sexual times when intercourse was likely to have occurred. Foreplay and during lovemaking were one of the few times that you would see a camisole. Usually, the husband of the wife or lover would have been the only one to have seen his beautiful siren in this wonderful piece of lingerie, a camisole. A new age has come where those once ‘for your eyes only’ intimate items have become ‘for all eyes only’.

There is a trend recently amongst celebrities and non-celebrities to wear their camisole lingerie item on as outerwear and not underwear. These camisoles can be covered with a jacket to preserve some modesty if you are not such a brave person. They can also be worn without a jacket or with just a belt as an accessory. Most celebrities prefer to show their camisoles off to the fullest, there is no point in paying good money for some classy camisole if you are going to cover it. So, if you prefer, you can forget about the jacket and wrap your favourite belt around the camisole and you are off to go.


Camisoles make my body look and feel great;
Camisoles have a way of making any woman’s body pleasing to the eye whether they be thin or the fuller figure. The way this lingerie item hangs upon a woman’s body can conceal extra wobbly bits that you may not want your partner to pay attention to. At the same time for extremely thin women it can have the opposite effect appearing to fill out in certain areas. This in turn can give the shape of a perfectly shaped women.


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