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Bridal Mehandi Designs

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Bridals: Mehndi Design mehndi is considered as the most important factor of one’s wedding day. Bride must put on mehndi onher hands and feet…Then the father of the bride performs Kanya Dan by pouring out some holy water as a mark of giving away his daughter to the groom. To begin the sacred ceremony of taking vows in pure aura, Vivah-Homa, i.e., the sacred fire ceremony is held.

Bridal Mehandi Designs

0Pratigna-Karan Ceremony is followed to bind the bride and the groom in the promises of loyalty, love and fidelity and the bride and the groom Circumambulate round the fire.In Shila Arohan the bride’s mother assists the bride to step onto a stone thereby preparing her to lead a new life. Then the bride performs Laja-Homah ceremony where she offers rice to the Gods seeking their blessings.

Bridal Mehandi Designs

The Mangalsutra is the mark of a wedded woman in Hindu culture. This pious sutra is tied in the neck of the bride by the groom. Without the seven vows, Hindu marriage can’t be called complete. The ceremony of taking seven vows is known as Pradakshina. The groom holds the hand of the bride and takes seven vows by Circumambulating round the fire for seven times. The elders then bless the couple and the couples get bonded in wedlock. The Hindu Weddings in India are a reflection of the ancient beliefs and purity associated with the marriages.

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