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Boldness in Bollywood Truly Eye-opening

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Bollywood industry, where it has been growing handsomely by fetching the audiences worldwide by standing parallel to its counterpart Hollywood, has also grown turning bold. Today the bold subjects are used to make films on and even very boldly everything is presented on the celluloid, which once was considered to be taboo in Hindi cinema. The stars of the industry too have turned sizably and copiously bold. There were times (not far ago rather a decade back) when hardly any movies with bold subjects were made (and if made, they hesitantly and hideously show the subject in detail on the screen or the subject was told under wraps). Even in those days, the stars were reluctant to disclose their love affairs.

The fastest changes, which turned the entertainment industry much bolder taking steps along with the counterpart (Hollywood), have hit the Indian celluloid for last few years or so. Where the Hindi films are bold, the stars of this fraternity too are bolder to express about their love affairs. Even the live-in relationships are openly discussed in the media and public.

Today the stars candidly and explicitly reveal about their romantic link-ups and affairs. The media fires the personal questions and they openly and happily raise the toast with them.

The ones who are in relationship portray them as a couple and wherever they go, they emerge holding each other hands quite romantically. Even the kisses and lip-locks are exchanged in public and before the reporters to show that they are very much couples.

This all, live-in relationships and openly telling about the romantic linkups, has been imported from the entertainment industry ‘Hollywood’. The imported boldness has not only captured the Bollywood and its relevant entertainment and fashion industry of India but also grabbed the entire nation. The effects are vivid wherever the eyes go!

Apart from the romantic affairs and the live-in relationships, much is heard about the homosexuality in Bollywood and the relevant entertainment fraternities of India. Many celebrities are involved in this evil business. Although it is not publicly and openly discussed and revealed (by the ones who are homosexuals) because it is still considered to be taboo in society, nonetheless the involvement of the celebrities in homosexuality exists in Indian entertainment abode. Since the stars (who are not involved in it) are aware of those who are into it, they have started raising the voice for the legality of gays in India. In these voice raising stars, the homosexual brigade too joins their voice. But still it is very less heard as the Indian society, though has opened much, still does not approve of it. And it is a very good sign that society does not want homosexuality to penetrate into the country. The homosexual business too is the imported sexuality from Hollywood and the West where this thing is quite common. And they gays are respected a lot, which is why they openly discuss their sexuality and come into public as couples. The gay marriage has also been legalized in many states of USA and many parts of the West and Europe. The likes of Sir Elton John, Ellen DeGeneress, George Michal and many other prominent Hollywood stars are gays and they are proud of their sexualities. Elton John and his partner David Furnish have even given birth to a baby through a surrogate mother.

Majority of the Hollywood industry is gay and many have revealed their sexuality as homosexual and the others keep on disclosing it. This trend has been brought in Bollywood fraternity from there since Hollywood industry is followed much by the Hindi cinema stars. But the question is whether everything should be followed? Obviously not! Only the good things have to be followed and given placement in your society keeping in mind the values and traditions of your own.

My eyeball got raised with shock when I came to know about a few very well known Bollywood personalities who are homosexuals (gays). One of them belongs to the reputed production house and other is a famed filmmaker. I was told by a friend of mine who is a model and actress. Initially I did not believe it since I rated them high in my books. Well, this is show business, here anything can happen.

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