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Bob Hairstyle

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This Bob Hairstyle is similar to a classic bob, but it involves more layers and fringe. The hair is cut so the front falls just above or at the shoulders, getting shorter as it approaches the back of the neck. This forms a sharp angle from the hair in the back to the hair in the front, the angle is much sharper than what is seen in a typical bob.

According to the Bob Hairstyle website, several uneven layers can be cut into the back. These layers are usually layered, and there are long sections of hair towards the front. The bangs are cut at an angle, swept across the forehead and tapering down to meet the longest part of the hair in the front. The bangs are left long enough to cover one eye if desired.

Fringe and uneven layers are added to the hair for a messy-yet-edgy look. This Bob Hairstyle for girls is characterized by an array of colors; usually dyed black or another dark shade with brightly colored highlights, such as blond, pink, red, purple, or any other desired choice to add a pop of color and spontaneity.

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