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Black abaya

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The little Muslimah in your life is sure to love wearing the beautiful kids abayas available these days. There are all sorts of designs and styles ranging from the classic formal versions to more casual and informal.
Formal abayasFor those formal and elegant occasions, you need to have a formal kids abaya for your little one. There are many different formal varieties of abaya available these days such as the ones replete with shyla. Then, there are those abayas, which have exquisite rhinestones in black or silver adorning the beautiful abayas. There are also front open as well as closed styles available in terms of the cut of the abaya

Black abaya

Embroidered detailingMany of the more traditional kids abayas have intricate and very ornate embroidery designs on the sleeves as well as hemline. These look extremely cute on small kids and your little girl is sure to look like a little fairy when she wears such embroidered abayas! Most of the stores, which have kids abayas will also stock various other clothing items such as galabia, niqab, khimar etc. Then, there are also gorgeous pashmina shawls, simple georgette shawls as well as relatively modest chiffon shawls. You can take your pick depending on your choice.

Black abaya

Functionality elementsThe modern girl’s abaya is equipped and designed in such a manner so that it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. For example, many of the modern chiffon shawls as well as kids abaya in crepe materials are ideal for rainy seasons or other inclement weather conditions. The garment dries fast and thus lends your kids abaya that much more functionality.

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