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BIGG BOSS 5: Sunny Leone does a pole dance!

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Housemates wake up to the lovely song Tip tip barsa paani and happily dance their morning blues away. Sunny Leone and Pooja Bedi chat over breakfast. Sunny brings up the topic of Kim Kardashian and asks Pooja Bedi if she knows what the American’s claim to fame is. Pooja Bedi is no ignorant fool and she replies that she knows exactly what Sunny is talking about. When Sunny asks her if she thinks Indian audiences would accept such a celebrity if she was of Indian origin, Pooja Bedi tells her that the Indian audience is very conservative and may not support such an act. Meanwhile, Sky taunts Pooja Misrra by asking her to apologise for the mistakes she has made on the show. Pooja Misrra says she has already apologised whenever she needed to and tells Sky that even he needs to apologise for calling her a dumb woman. Pooja Bedi intervenes and tells both of them to calm down and say sorry to each other. The two agree, say sorry and make up.

Mahek Chahal meets Sunny in the pink room and persuades her that she is not like the others and so won’t force her to vote for her as the next captain. But she requests Sunny to do vote for her if she feels Mahek deserves to be the captain. Meanwhile, in the green room a different game is being played with Siddharth Bhardwaj on one side and Sky, Pooja Bedi and Juhi Parmar on the other. Siddharth gets into a heated argument with Sky and things get a little ugly between the two friends.

After the fight, a new captain is appointed. Sky taunts Mahek for desperately wanting to be captain. He also accuses her of going back on her word of appointing Pooja Misrra as the new captain. Mahek gets extremely angry and lashes out at him. She then breaks down and hides herself in the bathroom. Juhi, Shonali Nagrani and Amar Upadhyay console her. After things cool down a little, Sunny Leone performs a sensual pole dance for all the housemates on a nice and slow track. The boys go gaga over her.

Juhi then confronts Sky about the fight between him and Mahek. Sky retaliates and walks off. After sometime, Sky cools down and apologises to Juhi for his behavior. He then meets Pooja Bedi, who applies eyedrops for him, gives him the tightest hug and tells him, “we all love you”.

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