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Beautiful Eye Makeup Ideas

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Eye Make Up Tip #1 PRIME for staying power…
Prime eye area with a foundation and follow with light dusting of loose translucent powder. This will give any eye make up applied, some staying power.For an extra smooth application (especially helpful for middle aged and up skin) consider using a primer makeup, and then follow with foundation.

Eye Make Up Tip #2 DIMENSION created with color

Beautiful Eye Makeup Ideas

A) Keep eye area tidy and free of makeup dust/ specs

When applying eye shadow, a lot of residual dust can land around the eye, creating unattractive results. To avoid this try placing a flat folded tissue under the lower lash line when brushing shadow on.

B) Create dimension with eye shadow.

Three tones of eye shadow is ideal, but two will work.

Choose three complimentary shades;

1. LIGHT– sweep with medium firm, soft haired, eye make up brush, from your upper lids lash line to the brow bone area, just past your eye lid crease.

2. MEDIUM OR MID TONE– using top narrow edge of same brush, follow natural crease on upper lid, creating visual presence but blending well.

Beautiful Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye Make Up Tip #3 DEFINITION for impact…

Shape and define your eyes using eyeliner. The idea here is to open your eyes …Your lash line defines your eye shape so emphasis on the eyes begins with understanding your eye shape and using techniques in eye make up application, to compliment that eye shape.

Eye Make Up Tip #4 OPEN…

Don’t underestimate the eye impact power of using an eyelash curler.

Eyelash curlers are literally miracle workers when it comes to opening the eye and making the lashes appear longer and fuller.

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