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Barbara Mori May Enter ‘Bigg Boss 5’

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Mexican actress Barbara Mori who was last seen alongside Hrithik Roshan in the Bollywoodmovie ‘Kites’, is likely to participate in the fifth edition of the reality show Bigg Boss, which has been on air since October 2.

Popstar Shakira was supposed to make a guest appearance on the reality show Bigg Boss as the customary foreign celebrity, but that couldn’t happen due to certain issues.

“Shakira was approached by the channel but she reportedly demanded a very high remuneration. Besides, she has a chock-a-block schedule in the coming month and, thus, cannot accommodate the show,” a source said.

So reportedly Barbara Mori will take her place now, though the date hasn’t been decided yet. The selection of atleast one foreign celebrity has become a tradition in Bigg Boss for some years now.

We have seen foreign celebrities like Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, German model Claudia Ciesla and Shilpa Shetty’s racist tormentor from the UK edition of the show, the late Jade Goody; join the Bigg Boss house as temporary on full-time house mates.

Barbara Mori is already a house-hold name in India, not for the movie that she starred in, but for her alleged affair with her Kites co-star Hrithik Roshan. This alleged relationship cause a lot of harm to Hrithik Roshan’s image among his fans and not just that it even cause problems in his personal life which almost became public by the interference of media in it. This affair was in news for a long time. But now everything seems to be fine as Barbara Mori and Suzanne Roshan (Hrithik Roshan’s wife)have claimed to be quite good friends.

Bigg Boss is the most controversial reality show on Indian television as most of the house mates have a controversial background. The Bigg Boss season 5 has already seen quite a few big names in the controversial circuit. The likes of Shakti Kapoor, who was caught on camera red-handed in the casting-couch case and Nihita Biswas (partner of infamous serial killer Charles Shobraj) have already been a part of this controversial show.

More lately Sunny Leone, a pornstar by profession has joined the house inmates. Sunny Leone is of Indian origin and has already caused a lot of stir in the media because of her controversial background.

The Bigg Boss season 5 is being hosted by Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan together. It would be interesting to watch how Barbara Mori reacts once in the house of Bigg Boss.

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