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Banarasi Sarees Delhi

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While defining Banarasi saree, one can remember the Indian Sun and thereby becoming a subject of great inspiration as well as appreciation for world-wide costume connoisseurs. Banarasi saree is an ideal bridal wear and is much coveted item for every Indian woman. Varanasi, one of the hub of producing silk sarees, is the producer of Banarasi sarees.

It was during Mughal empire that Banarasi sarees have achieved popularity because the artisans of different regions were eager in creation of amalgamation of aesthetic art forms.

Banarasi Sarees Delhi

Although, the major influence has been derived from the Mughal tradition, the Indian artisans commenced creating exclusive designs through fusion of Persian motifs combined with Indian designs having flowery patterns. The designs are quite studded with the flakes of gold as well as silver, thus representing the influence of ancient Mughal patronage. The very kind of traditional Banarasi sarees are made of fine and pure silk that used to come from China. However, now the silk comes from South India’s Bangalore region. When Banarasi sarees were firstly made, the artisans started embellishing the sarees with threads made of original gold and silver and was often used by people of royal families.

Banarasi Sarees Delhi

The designs were quite descriptive as well as complex because they were the royal attires. Slowly, the zari and simple threads resembling the original gold and silver threads came into reputation. The very artisans commenced creating motifs and designs out of those threads and it was quite easy for the common people to afford the royal and traditional Banarasi sarees.

Usually, Banarasi sarees come in four varieties, they being sarees create on pure silk (katan), organza (kora) with zari and silk, georgette and shattir. Varanasi, a hub of cottage industry, is into creation of making Banarasi sarees around Gorakhpur and Azamgarh.

Banarasi Sarees Delhi

The artisans do take somewhat about 15 days to one month all depending on the designs as well as complexity of the patterns. The traditional Banarasi saree is still the heart of India and is quite famous for the intricacy of the designs as well as fine fabrics. Banarsi Sarees – In the most ancient and sacred city of Varanasi, there thrives an equally ancient tradition. Thousands of weavers are engaged in weaving Benaras saris. Benaras is the other name for Silk Saris.

Banarasi Sarees Delhi

The Banarasi saris gained popularity during the Mughal era. During this period, all art was amalgamated to create a fusion of aesthetics. Persian motifs and Indian designs on silk studded with gold and silver remained the cue of Mughal patronage. Today Bbanarasi sarees are being exported worldwide. Utsavsarees the exporter of indian sarees gives you the latest range of banarasi sarees, banarsi sarees, banarasi saris, beneras saris from Benaras for online shopping of Indian benarasi sarees, also you can learn more about benarasi sarees and its origin.

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