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Baby Angel Tattoo

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Angel and cherubs are known as popular baby angel tattoos for women. They’re very cute, sexy and feminine. These tattoos are famous among women and they can make a great lower back tattoo design, or can be a chest piece or probably on the leg or on the arm.

Baby Angel Tattoo

Cherubs actually have a long history in western culture, and usually, we think of them as a symbol associated with Christianity, and are often present in all western religions. If you read the bible, you will often notice that there are mentions of cherubs and angels all throughout the Old Testament. But it was said that there were proofs that baby-like winged creatures came all the way back to the Assyrian culture, considered as one of the oldest cultures in the Western world.

Baby Angel Tattoo

The concept of a cherub being attributed to a baby did not come in literature, not until the Renaissance time. During these times, the cherubs were depicted young boys and they were considered as a work of art. This is in Italy, were they are being referred as “Putti”.

I have one latest baby angel tattoo design available for my viewers see the following side. Baby Angel Tattoo Design for Beautiful One

i will send you many baby angel tattoo design in future.

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