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Arm Band Tattoos

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Arm Band Tattoos

Be ready to give time and pain just to have a colorful almost real life looking rose thorn armband tattoo. As the saying goes, “no pain, no gain”; the prettiest design you can get is when you really put in great effort to attain it You find your arm to be the perfect canvass for this kind of design. The rose is a very common flower and it is either a shrub or vine of the family Rosaceae, which has more than 100 species. It comes in variety of colors but red is the most popular color of this plant. Spiky prickles are present on the stem as if guarding it against any harmful hands.

The rose is often connoted with being pretty especially a baby is being compared to a pretty rose bud. A lovely face is measured up to like a lovely rose. That is why, having a bunch of this flower inked onto your arms, locking it with the best designs is sure to be an attention-getter.

Interpretation and renderings of armband designs are plenty especially with the flower theme such as the rose. When choosing your desired figure you have to give consideration to the size, the color and location. You may want to evaluate how it will appear in the future. There are people who prefer having a black rose tattoo designs instead of a red one because it could be more expressive as the artist exploits the light and shade effect. Whatever is your preference, it is not hard to come up with your own style because the variations are as many as its species.

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