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Arabic Mehndi Designs

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Arabic mehndi designs are very popular around the world. Arabic Mehndi is one of the best known types of mehndi designs. It is very simple floral beautification of the hands and feet of women, but what about the skills and expertise of the artist and the individuality of the design of all other traditions around the entire Arabian Peninsula.

Arabic Mehndi Designs1

Arabic mehndi painted refers to the temporary body art on the hands or feet with henna paste. Henna is a large shrub or small tree, 2-6 m high. Henna flowers have four sepals and a calyx tube of 2 mm to 3 mm spread lobes. Henna leaves are first ground into powder and mixed with a mixture of mustard oil and tea to a thick paste. This is normally a shade of reddish brown, but the henna can be mixed to change color with other natural plant products. Once the paste can be applied mehndi not really with his hands in the coming hours as sufficient time must be given the mehndi to dry completely. The paste is a dye that absorbs into the skin and stay for several days.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Trailing edge using Arabic mehndi, bold floral patterns with open space on one side of the hands and feet. The drawings do not necessarily cover your hands or feet the whole way. Arabic patterns left shows more skin than the Indian models. Arabic mehndi is mainly composed of floral motifs, animals and human figures are generally not used. Arabic includes traditional henna, henna designs and special general conceptions Hedrabadi only traditional henna, which has recently attracted quotes Peacock, stem attribute much luck as an elephant through contemplation. Arabic is a term that is used primarily for floral designs, including flowers, stems, petals, etc., and it is to leave the area if the Indian mehndi to describe in comparison. Note that the Indian design composed of many smaller forms, while many forms of arabesque designs with major supermarkets, which are complete in themselves, filled with henna.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Weddings are a costly affair in India, consisting of a variety of rituals, customs and traditions. Henna is usually used for special occasions such as weddings and parties. Wedding or any occasion holy function like mehandi RASM incomplete. Weddings of the most important day in your own life, has become an ornament mehndi for brides soon. Henna was used originally as a form of decoration mainly for brides. Commitment after they carry a baby, and family gatherings are reasons for women, mehndi designs and tattoos.

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