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Arabic Mehndi Design For Hand

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Arabic Mehndi paste, or mendhi, takes from a few minutes to a few hours to apply depending upon the bodily location and the desired detail of the design. After the drawing with cones or syringes is finished, the paste dries to allow the color to become absorbed by the skin. While this takes only 10-15 minutes, the paste should be left on the skin for another 6 hours to achieve the most lasting affect. A sugar and lemon mixture dabbed on the dried mendhi deepens the final color.

When fully dry, the crust falls off on its own. Gentle toweling removes any last bits. The tattoo lasts longer with moisture but gradually lightens through natural exfoliation of the skin. Harsh soaps, chlorine and commercial exfoliation speeds the fading of the design.

Beautiful ladies in traditional outfits with henna impressions on their hands look ravishing. The art of applying henna is well known to the women folk of Rajasthan. Each occasion goes with mehandi, any wedding, any festival or any other happy event cannot do without women donning mehnadi patterns. It has so much so a part of their life that it is identified with their cultural and traditional heritage. Not only this, mehandi also a religious and social significance. Young or old, every Indian diva is fond of mehandi.

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