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Applying Mascara Tips

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mascara_tipsWorld Best Mascara Tips for Beautiful Girls Eyes
Applying Mascara
Tips: Mascara gives a finishing touch to your eye makeup and must cover the lashes from roots to the tips. Deposit the color on the mascara wand by twirling it in the pack and then cover the upper lashes from their base to the tips in full strokes to make the lashes look thicker, longer, well defined and separated. Mascara is applied from the underside by holding the wand horizontally parallel to the eyelid and the brush is rolled slowly in the upward stroke. For lower lashes, one has to be more careful so as not to smudge the under eye area and the wand is to be held vertically and mascara is applied from side to side. Less mascara is used on the lower lashes and extra color should be blotted off using the tissue paper. Usually women opt for more than one coat of the mascara, which combs the lashes too so that they do not look stuck together.

If mascara is deposited on the wand more than needed, tissue the extra

Applying Mascara Tips

color off before applying it. Different colors of mascara such as brown, navy and green can make you look funky instantly. It is important that mascara is used on an individual only to avoid transferring eye infections and if it causes even the slightest irritation in the eye, it must be immediately discarded. Wiggle the brush a little at the roots of the lashes as it allows the bristles to move between the eyelashes, combing them and separating them. Let mascara dry between any of the two coats and comb the eyelashes to separate the wet lashes. Do not rub eyes to remove the mascara but use the eye makeup solvent instead. Before applying mascara, use an eyelash comb or damp toothbrush to comb your lashes. Always use a clean and fresh mascara wand on damp lashes.

Black mascara can be used by anybody at anytime though blondes should

Applying Mascara Tips

only use it for bright night makeup. Thin and short brush is best as it is easier to control and gets to the corner of the eye easily. It is also advisable to powder the under-eye area before applying mascara to avoid smudging. Curl the lashes before applying mascara by moving the wand in a zigzag fashion to make the lashes look wider and brighter. Applying mascara only on the upper lashes lend them a dramatic touch, while applying it lightly on the upper and lower lashes, make the eyes seem wider. A gel-based mascara enhances the lashes while thickening mascara looks more dramatic and adds volume to your lashes. Brown, navy and aubergine shades add subtle and sophisticated touch to your eyes while redheads can use burgundy shades. Women with strawberry-blond hair may try different shades of brown. Be sure not to match your mascara color with your eye color.

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