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Anwar Movie Review

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Movie Title: Anwar
Cast: Prithviraj, Mamtha Mohandas and Prakash Raj
Director: Amal Neerath
Producer: Chinnababu Arigela
Music: Gopi Sundar
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
Rating: ?????

Amal Neerath’s directed Telugu movie ‘Anwar’ is the dubbed version of the famed Malayalam film with the same title ‘Anwar’ that was released last year on 15th October 2010 with mixed reactions. Malayam version of the movie was released under the banner of Celebs & Red Carpet and directed by Amal Neerad and starred Prithviraj, Mamtha Mohandas and Prakash Raj. The film was the production of Rajesh Zacharias.
The Telugu dubbed version is produced by Chinnababu Arigela and the musical score has been given by Gopi Sundar. And the movie features Pirthviraj, Mamta Mohandas and Prakash Raj, the same cast that was in the original Malyalam version.

Anwar pours lights on the life of a young man Anwar (Prthviraj) who lands into the hands of anti-social elements of the country. The guy has his own agenda of joining in the terrorists as well.

The movie has a number of flaws and holes. The direction is not up to the marks. The story is pretty ordinary as we have witnessed it on screen many a time before. The screenplay is simply mundane. If this all the movie has, how a viewer will maintain the attention on the celluloid and how well you can handle to attain their attention?

Amal Neerath’s lack of knowledge of filmmaking is clear from this movie. He does not have the knack of delivering the goods on the silver screen; he simply fails to do so. He tries hard to generate the interest quotient for the viewers but all in vain. Above all, he is not supported by the good script.

The film, though has been made on a sensitive subject, seems to be lacking in all fronts. There is no novelty…no interest and no oomph factor, which can bring the audience and get them stay there till the movie winds up.

Anwar unzips with the visuals of the bomb explosion and then the reels let the viewer have the introduction of a special team working under Stalin Manimaran (Prakash Raj) who nabs Lal, who happens to be a local leader of the community. And his arrest is made due to the suspicion of the bomb explosion. In the midst, Anwar (Prithviraj) gets nabbed when he tries to send the Hawala money. He is put behind the bars. He and Lal are the team are into the prison. Lal fully helps Anwar out in getting the bail and then urges him in his activities. Very soon Anwar turns out to be the trusted member of Lal. He then pursues the bomb blasting activities. During all terrorists’ activities, he faces the haunting flashbacks that turn him act differently.

The direction by Amal Neerath is simply poor that has no values at all for the viewers. The story is not unique. Although it is a remake, nonetheless the Telugu version could not add anything extra to lure the Telugu viewers. The script is mundane.

As for the performances, Prithviraj impresses a bit. Prakash Raj is just about okay. Mamta Mohandas is ordinary. Rest of the cast is below average.


On the whole, Anwar is a poor show with full of flaws in script and direction. Better to avoid it.

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