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Angel Wing Tattoos Designs 2012

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Wings are looked upon as a distinctive Angelic symbol, as well as emblematic of divine beauty and innocence. Angel wing tattoos symbolize spirituality. For some Angel wings do not necessarily pertain to religious themes, as for some people they have personal significance. Angel wings depict the swiftness of flight, which stands for freedom and aspiration.

To some Angel wings can also mean child-like purity, with the added element of playfulness and innocence. Majestic calm and harmony also oozes out of the Angel wings tattoo. Some tattoo lovers choose to get Angel wings tattoo on back, so that they are watched over by the bearers guardian Angel. A feeling of protection in life is also associated with the Angel wings tattoos. Sailors or those who make their living out of the sea opt to have Angel wings coming out of an anchor, so that the wings protect them in their adverse times on the high seas.

Many tattoo shops may have artists that specialize in this form of art and can create anything that the customer wants in the way of an Angel tattoo design. Other artists may have some ability to create Angels but maybe not with the same sort of detail or imagination. Because of their popularity in modern culture, Angel designs are one of the most requested tattoo designs – especially among women who want a tattoo.

Any tattoo shop that doesn’t have an artist who can create an Angel tattoo design will find itself turning away a lot of customers, especially women and younger girls. Men tend not to have Angels tattooed on them in the fear that other men will misinterpret the Angel design as a fairy.

Tattoos have been a part of a number of cultures all around the world. There have been various meanings attached to the tattoos. Tattoos were made for ornamentation, social status, spiritual and religious reasons, etc. Among the religious and spiritually inclined, Angel and Angel wings tattoos have been very popular. Angel tattoo designs symbolize protection, guardianship, beauty, spirituality, more-value, peace and keepers of dream. In this article we will read about Angel wings tattoos.

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