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Angel Tattoos for Women

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Fairy, butterfly and angel tattoos are all time favorite designs for women when it comes to body art. Come to think of it, these are all have one thing in common – they all have wings. Generally, wings symbolize freedom as it indicates flight. It also represents love, peace and is said to be the link between earth and sky.

Angel Tattoos for Women

Fairies are small, mythical creatures that are beautiful and possesses magical powers. When depicted as tattoos, they are sort of a depiction that “I am nice but naughty” as what fairies generally are. The most famous of this type of tat theme is tinkerbell. It seems to be a representation of one’s childhood innocence.

Angel Tattoos for Women

Angels can in many forms. They can be guardian angels, cherubs, angel wings and archangels. They are meant to symbolize one’s spirituality and religious beliefs. They are also representation of serenity, calmness and holiness. The most popular of these tattoo theme are the angel wings tattooed on the back.

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