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Angel Tattoos for Girl

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So what if every now and then you have a little bit of a devil on your shoulder-don’t we all? However, everyone knows that girls are sweeter than honey, and therefore always angels at heart. In that case, shouldn’t we all have angel wing tattoos on our back just in case anyone asks to see proof? I think so, and I hope you do too.

Angel Tattoos for Girl

Angel wing tattoos are a great way to express your inner femininity while also adding a touch of irony to the concept. I mean, let’s face it-tattoos anywhere, of anything, are sexy, so why not add a little sweet to the sexy and become every man’s fantasy?

Angel Tattoos for Girl

You can get them anywhere you want, and in any size. Although your back would be the obvious location, you can get them in the middle of your back, usually best in a large size, or in a smaller size, at the nape of your neck (so that guys get to see them before they get to know your name sometimes), or at the small of your back. Personally, I think that angel wing tattoos right above where your jeans hit are the best way to go.

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