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Angel and Demon Tattoo Sleeves

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In this day and age Angel and Demon Tattoo Sleeves seem to be becoming more and more popular. We once lived in an age where only sailors and soldiers were seen to have them.Most office environments had a white collar and no facial hair standard. So what has happened and how have things changed over the years? We seem to have moved from a society who judges the book by its cover, to a society were we appreciate others ideas and self worth. Or do we?

Angel and Demon Tattoo Sleeves

If you were confronted with two people. One dressed in a suit and looking office smart and one who dressed in shorts and had Angel and Demon Tattoo Sleeves up his neck and down his sleeves. Who would you be inclined to talk to or do business with?

Angel and Demon Tattoo Sleeves

Would you expect these people to be different because of their appearance? What if someone you have seen dressed in a suit consequently then wears shorts at the weekend and is covered in Angel and Demon Tattoo Sleeves. Would this change your impression of them?

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