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Add glamour to your kitchen

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1 Glamorous kitchen Add glamour to your kitchen
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s top kitchen tips
The kitchen has become the principal room in the house, where families gather and parties are held. So treat it as you would your living room or bedroom and put as much love into it as the rest of the house.

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2 Glamorous kitchen Treat it like a second living room Add glamour to your kitchen
Treat it like a second living room
Homely accessories, such as chandeliers, table lamps and paintings will really personalise your kitchen and transform it into a lounge area. Cut down on wall units, if you can, to stop it looking cluttered, and use soft lighting for a warm feel.
3 Glamorous kitchen Add colour to your scheme Add glamour to your kitchen
Add colour to your scheme
Colours are associated with tastes, so add a mouth-watering shade to your kitchen, like aubergine or spicy red, to get your taste buds tingling. “Think of what colours you use in your cooking and work from that.” If you’re nervous about using a colour that you might dislike in the future, keep your cabinets neutral and just paint the walls.
4 Glamorous kitchen Use wallpaper Add glamour to your kitchen
Use wallpaper
Creating a feature wall using your favourite wallpaper can instantly transform your kitchen into a glamorous haven. Go for a bold design that sets the tone for the rest of the room. If your kitchen is small, use the wallpaper as a splashback, protected by glass, or around pillars.
5 Glamorous kitchen Consider the acoustics Add glamour to your kitchen
Consider the acoustics
At dinner parties or family meals, the last thing you want is unfriendly echoing around your kitchen or kitchen-diner. Thick, properly lined curtains are a great way to combat this problem. Plus, they’re a wonderful insulator, too. Include rugs and cushions as well for added comfort.
6 Glamorous kitchen Include comfortable seating Add glamour to your kitchen
Include comfortable seating
Seating in your kitchen doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable stools and utilitarian chairs. Bring a sofa into the room – it’ll really create a sociable vibe and a space for the whole family to enjoy.

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