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Abaya Style For Womens 2012

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Abaya is most important part in Islamic Clothing and in 2011 Abaya Styles is very popular and famous in all over the World Wide. When I lived in Bahrain in late 1970 and through 1980, I thought that Muslim women were constantly changing clothes in the head and blacks (abaya) in previous decades. They are hardly ever seen a person with a hide his face.True, Khomeini, the Iranian Revolution forced women to return to the black cover on foot, but also in Iran, New prohibited without the make-up was unveiled.When’m back in Bahrain in 2006 after 16 years away, I found a surprising change in the dress.

Abaya Style For Womens 2012

No more modern, as I would have predicted in the 80s, but much more traditional. In shopping malls, bars almost all women in the ankle black abaya, but his style had changed. Either a jacket covering his head and stretched over the body, abaya opted for a black ankle dress, complete with a black hat, which often contain a veil over his face.

Abaya Style For Womens 2012

While the former students told me that many women veiled Saudi Arabia, now easily accessible on the road between the two countries, many dressed in Bahrain the same. “Why change?” I asked each conversation.Diverse explanations have been proposed, but all focused on the fact that Muslims felt that their faith is threatened, and clothing has become a way of asserting their Muslim identity.

Abaya Style For Womens 2012

Some have suggested that the Khomeini revolution, the Soviet-Afghan conflict and the Persian Gulf War in 1990 was triggered concern. Others have suggested that the role of women, with much greater participation in higher education and employment, has led them to choose an outfit to show that a conservative change in lifestyle can not reject faith.I back in 2009 to wonder whether the trend toward the traditional dress has been strengthened. It was not.

Abaya Style For Womens 2012

Perhaps not enough time has passed and the final conclusions, but my impression is that fewer women veil their faces and Abaya became more fashionable outer surface. Cover photo for my book was taken this year, and although most of the girls wear Abaya, is not a traditional cloak without sleeves. Large embroidered sleeves are clearly visible. Most women wear black scarf over her hair, but the background is revealed, and several head and Abaya.

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