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Abaya Designs

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Muslim women have several restrictions on their clothing. They generally wear clothes that cover them from head to toe leaving only their face and hands bare. You can easily point them out in a crowd with their traditional clothes.
Women’s Abaya is a traditional Muslim wear (common more among Middle Easter khaleeji women), which is like a cloak made of a single piece of cloth. They cover everything below the shoulders barring only the hands and feet. Traditionally they were available in black but these days they are also available in different vibrant colors. But these days it has become very common among women of different regions; you can identify them as kaftans. Even famous designer, Domenico Vacca, has decided to add trendy Women’s Abaya designs to his collection. This will actually help in making this type of clothing more famous. They may be traditional wear for Muslim women, but no one can deny that they are very comfortable.

Abaya Designs

How is an Abaya different from a Jilbab?

An Abaya is somewhat similar to a Jilbab in the fact that both of them cover the entire body. But a Jilbab has the sleeves stitched to the main body of the cloak. Jilbabs are available in many designs; you may easily find hooded ones for a cold day, apart from these you have the ones you can use casually or formally. Jilbabs have a structure in which you can add frills, flares, ruffles, laces, cuffed sleeves, to stylize your garment. An Abaya is a single piece cloak whose sleeves are not stitched to the main body. These usually have embroidered neck lines, sleeves or base.

Abaya Designs

Abayas and their designs

These are available in light materials, like lexus crepe. These days you can find them made of internet crepe and satin materials which are high quality. These can be open fronted from top to bottom or they can also be entirely closed.

The modern form of this garment adopts stylish intricate geometric and floral patterns all through the body or just on the neckline, base and sleeves. These can also be embroidered with gold or silver. Beads, sequins, multi colored crystals can be incorporated in the design to make them more stylish. If you are looking for high end designs you can go for the ones that are styled with Swarovski stones.

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