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Abaya Designs For Womens

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Abaya is most common clothing in muslim womens and all the womens in the World like this Abaya Designs For Womens 2011. Although the traditional abaya is a long, robe-like garments worn by Muslim women, a new trend in designer abaya just expanded customer base with this typical piece of clothing. Abaya is usually black and covers the entire body, leaving only the face, hands and feet visible. It is usually combined with face veil, or niqab, and sometimes long black abaya gloves.Designer: What are the different dress instructions provided by Islamic law that requires modesty and abayas, all serve to mask the shame of the woman.

Abaya Designs For Womens

Abaya is used in all over the Asia but in Islamic Countries its very popular. However, contemporary design abayas are anything but boring, typical, traditional style abaya. Let’s look at some of these differences Fabric: Although cotton and wool fabrics were the perennial favorite, which traditionally occur abaya, abayas are made of modern lightweight and smooth as chiffon, georgette and crepe. Silhouettes are also changing with detail layered, twisted and knotted standard lines adds to the traditional color of Abaya.

Abaya Designs For Womens

The traditional color is black abaya. However, there are a variety of abayas that do not follow this tradition. Beige, brown, gray, pink, blue, green, white, burgundy, purple, and even two-tone color combinations are rapidly changing the way the colors are perceived.Decoration abaya: embroidery has become almost standard on modern abaya.

Abaya Designs For Womens

It is a single cable or multi-color or gold thread, embroidery adds detail, sophistication and a touch of class a day normal abayas. Offer high-end designers including Swarovski crystals and lace trim. In fact, Swarovski has effectively organized competitions and workshops in places like Abu Dhabi to increase the use of Swarovski elements in designing abayas.

Abaya Designs For Womens

Abaya designers the biggest names in fashion designer abayas are also attracting some of the biggest names in international fashion. Fashion designers have to sit down and consider the major markets for the more urban eastern and dressed in traditional clothes in these markets offer. Famous designers like Dior, John Galliano has launched a line of abaya designers and local designers are also waking up to opportunities for the design abayas. Abaya is great gift for muslim ladies from islam.

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