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Abaya Designs For Ladies

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Abaya-Styles-For-Womens-Beautiful and Best Abaya Designs available
Abaya is a traditional fashion in muslims all over the World and ladies Abaya Designs 2011 is very famous know these days. This is also what I was watching the road and shops.Unlike in Iran or Saudi Arabia, Bahrain has no laws regulating the dress of women. The pressure to adapt to what others wear, women around the world seems, is of great importance in determining live in Bahrain. Probably the choices are more complicated there, because the voltage is supported by traditional and newer religious tendencies that claim to changing role of Lady. Ladies are feel comfortable while usingAbaya Designs and wear.

Abaya Designs For Ladies 2012

Saudi Arabia and Iran have laws governing women’s dress. He had little experience with the Saudi women dress my recent trip, but I spent almost two weeks in Iran.As planned my trip to Iran, I remembered the dress restrictions in place by Khomeini in 1979 and imposed by the abuse women who protested. With this in mind, I borrowed a shirt full of scarves abaya several to cover my head.

Abaya Designs For Ladies

Although I saw the same clothes in the countryside in the provinces, I was up in cities and towns, where women are largely left ankle in the chador (Abaya). The knee is a new style, with a coat-dress worn over trousers. Far from muodottoman, this Manteau often cinched with a wide belt, which produces a relatively modern and elegant.

Abaya Designs For Ladies

Other restrictions are applied in the early years Khomeini also disappeared. Make-up is universal, and even if a headscarf required by law, inches of hair to show all women except those in official positions, wearing a uniform of black scarf that fits harmoniously around the oval their faces. No faces are veiled.I finally abandoned my efforts to dress discreetly.

Abaya Designs For Ladies

When I do not wear my abaya taken in cities, I stayed with my usual cotton trousers and long sleeved shirts. As long as my head was covered, he agreed with Iranian law, but the bright colors I usually wear pointed out in a society where women wear dark colors universally. In a navy blue coat, maybe a school girl wearing blue jeans Iran, but the overall effect is dark.This is not true for girls in school, for which the pastels are rule.

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