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Abaya Designs Collection 2012

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Abaya is very popular islamic tradition and  Abaya Designs Collection 2011 is also very interesting these days. “Abaya” The term has many definitions, and often there is a difference in what seems an abaya, what is and what colors it comes into play the way we define an abaya, a garment is that it is long and black (one piece) that covers the lower back, except the hands and feet. Clothing is commonly used among Abaya Khaleeji Middle East (Gulf) women.The rationale behind this definition is outside what Jilbab Abaya has some similarities but many differences.

Abaya Designs Collection 2012

Jilbabs start by having weapons that are sewn into the main body of the layer. It has many colors and many models as jilbabs lid and has a wider range as the smarter, casual jilbabs, work, etc. more style can be incorporated in the actual shape of the garment as flares low cost flyers, cuffed sleeves, lace, pleated and much more.

Abaya Designs Collection 2012

Abaya, on the other hand is a piece of sleeved shirts that are not actuallystitched the body of the garment, but as one piece. It may seem strange that the fact, but it is a very ancient custom among the Arabs Khaleeji (Gulf), women to wear this way. From traditional abaya with embroidery on the collar, sleeves and bottom base.

Abaya Designs Collection 2012

Abayas are lightweight materials, provided that the color is black as the Lexus crêpe, a type of polyester material for a standard price Abaya. Abayas through the Internet and crepe satin materials are top quality and very expensive and can cost from 100 pounds to 300 pounds or more. Abayas can be opened with buttons in front all the way up and down or closed.

Abaya Designs Collection 2012

Modern abaya worn by the younger generation is moving away from traditional ornament is a piece of clothing. The younger generation choose the most elegant embroidered geometric, floral or silver or gold, pearls, sequins, multi-colored Swarovski crystals, or standard, the most expensive abaya. These intricate designs added on top of the neckline, bodice, sleeves flared at the bottom of leather scrolls and make it look more elegant, trendy and stylish younger generation to use Abaya.

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