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Bottle to purify water in just two minutes.

Timothy Whitehead, an industrial designer and technology graduate from Loughborough University has won the UK heat of the James Dyson Award with an eco-friendly water bottle that has been designed to purify contaminated water in just two minutes. Christened Pure, the water bottle eliminates the need to use chlorine and iodine tablets to sterilize drinking water.

technology pure water bottle


The outer chamber of the water bottle is to be filled with dirty water from a lake, stream or puddle. The inner chamber plunges through the outer chamber, filtering water particles as small as four microns. Once the water is made free from sediments, it is further sterilized for 90 seconds using a wind-up ultraviolet bulb. The water bottle has been tested to sterilize 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses found in the water.

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