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The day one, when we started off with our brand new laptop it performed so well that we felt in love with it. But as the time passes by its performance starts degrading. A task which earlier took few seconds now takes a couple of minutes. We all have wondered if there is any way to bring it back to the same well performing state as it used to when was brand new. The answer is yes there are some maintenance procedures which will speed up our laptops. Here are those few simple maintenance procedures.


  1. Defragment hard drive.
    The operating system of your computer breaks down file that you store into small pieces.  Then it scatters these pieces all over hard drive.  It does this to utilize disk space at maximum. This is known as fragmentation. Fragmentation increases the time taken to retrieve a file from disk. Defragmenting softwaresuch as Disk Defragmenter, Diskeeper, and Ashampoo Magical Defrag joins fragments into a large single continuous block, thereby reducing the access time. Defragment should be done at least once in a week.
  1. Clean your laptop’s Registry.
    Registry is the most important part of the Windows operating system. Registry is used to keep all the information related to the software installed on your computer. Problems in the registry can cause fatal errors and will crash your laptop. The common cause of registry problems is buggy software. Registry cleaner software cleans your registry and improves your systems performance. Many free registry cleanerare available such as CCleaner, Easy Cleaner, and Wise Registry Cleaner Free.
  1. Install good Antivirus.
    Viruses slow down computers by exploiting its resources. Antivirus removes these bad programs from your computer. Antivirus should be daily updated because new types of viruses are born every day. A complete scan of your computer should be performed at a regular interval, at least once a week.
  1. Remove unnecessary startup programs.
    Many programs start running as soon as computer is booted. These startup programs always run on the background and utilize RAM. Some startup programs are necessary for a computer but some are not. Disabling these unnecessary startup programs will decrease your laptop’s startup time. Startup programs can be disabled with msconfig. Take caution while disabling startup program because accidental disabling of necessary programs will result in non-functionality of some Windows features.
  1. Uninstall unused programs.
    Unused programs are just wastage of hard disk space. Programs which are no longer in use should be removed. Deleting a program removes the program from your computer but not completely. For complete removal of uninstall function in control panel should be used. Or you may go for some really practicalsoftware that manage and uninstall unwanted software for you. You may also go for a registry cleanup on PC or could go for some really useful Mac cleanup tools.


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