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5 Best Hair Care Tips

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1. A Balanced and Healthy Diet:
Protein, calcium and iron inclusion in your diet on a daily basis in excess enhances the growth of a beautiful hair without depriving nutrients required for other daily activities. Vitamins B and C are also essential for hair growth. Moreover, regular inclusion of these nutrients in the diet, prevents hair fall, and conceals bad hair days. Omega-3-fatty acid, zinc and Vitamin A strengthen the growing hair. Selenium in Brazil nuts, alpha linolenic acid in walnuts and zinc in pecan, almonds and cashews, all improves a thick and shiny hair.

2. Hair Hygiene:
5 Best Hair Care Tips
On a sunny and sultry day, sweat accumulates in your scalp causing fungal infections resulting in loss of hair and skin problems. This makes skin on the head vulnerable to infections, and sensitive to harsh treatments consequentially damaging root hairs.

3. Comb Regularly:

Combing hair regularly is a good habit, as this is another way to massage hair tissues and enhance hair growth. In addition, combing with a wide-toothed brush separates tangles and prevents hair fall and damage. Moreover, hair is weakest when wet, and soak dry with a towel before combing. Similarly, combing entirely dry hair is as harmful as combing wet hair.

4. Drying Hair:

Usually air-drying hair is the most preferred way. However, with the increased use of hair dryers, if not set and timed properly essential moisture in the hair can be removed and can cause hair to dry and brittle. In addition, the gentle massage with the towel prevents complex tangle formation.

5. Hair Conditioners:
Regular conditioning of hair is essential these days as hair is most exposed to pollutants, dirt, sun, wind and rain, and harsh chemicals. Covering up your hair on a sunny day will reduce browning and drying of hair. Regular or daily conditioning will improve and strengthen the look of your hair.

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Best Ways to keep your Hair Healthy
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