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3D Tattoos Designs

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These tattoo designs are also being flaunted by a number of celebrities as they represent attitude and passion. These new designs are a unique style of tattooing that adds depth and realism to the design. This is accomplished by adding a shadow to the design to make it look like it is either a part of your skin, or something standing on top of your skin.

The basic idea of a 3D tattoo is to slightly lift a tattoo up about two millimeters. One huge advantage of 3D, or 3-dimensional, tattoos over regular tattoo designs is the production of a more vivid and real image, primarily caused by adding depth into the design. Depth is mainly accomplished by putting in the right amount of shadow techniques to the design to make it look like it is really occupying a specific amount of space on a certain area. The product is a tattoo that greatly depicts a very realistic image or setting.

If you have grown worn out of simple and traditional tattoo designs, you may need to think about getting a icy 3D (three-dimensional) tattoo.For a certified Meat, this might be a welcome change, that tattoos in dimensions usually produce realistic images and designs.


Today we will do all for the purpose of looks. We will go through medical procedures, and take many types of drugs to improve our physical look. But some things just aren’t safe. Inject yourself with sugar so that your tattoo pops up in three sizes is not safe, and definitely not cool.

The amazing feature about these tattoosis that any part of the body can be raised. It doesn’t matter if it’s your cheeks, your thighs or your left shoulder, it can be done. Few tattoo artists will attempt these outlandish designs, and even fewer specialize in them.

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