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10 ways to make your love life sizzle in the summer time

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10 ways to make your love life sizzle in the summer time

By: Heart Break Kid
Sizzle in the summer tip No.1: Bag yourself more confidence!
Surveys show that men find confidence very attractive, so it’s crucial to boost your self-belief. Start changing the way you treat yourself, for example: you can beat yourself up daily for ‘mistakes’ or ‘big yourself up’ for one good thing you’ve done that day.
Next, what would you tell a friend who didn’t feel good about herself? Write it down in a letter/e-mail but address it to yourself and reread it.
Now list your top three qualities and put them somewhere where you’ll see them everyday – taped inside your bathroom cabinet, in your make-up bag, etc. Read and believe them every time you go out, before a meeting, or when you’re going to bed, etc.
Single: You’ll be on top form to meet to Mr Potential
In a relationship: And if you’re part of a couple boosting confidence helps your relationship too.
Sizzle in the summer tip No.2: Work that body!
Your body language can either send out the signal “I’m easy to approach” or “Don’t come near me!” So each opportunity you have to meet someone – practically every time you set foot out the door – give off positive signals. Walk with good posture, don’t cross your arms over your abdomen, look people in the eye, be ready to smile, and don’t look at the ground when you see someone attractive.
Sizzle in the summer tip No.3: Find that soothing voice!
You can either allow a negative little devil to chatter on your shoulder – telling you things like you’re not good enough – or you can turn it into a soothing angel that reminds you you’re worthy of love and happiness. If single, your inner voice heavily influences your chances of attracting love, as well as how things go with the first couple dates. If you’re in a relationship, it enhances how you relate to him – the better you feel inside, the more positive the vibes you bring to your relationship.
Sizzle in the summer tip No.4: Turn up the flirt factor!
If you’re single, then definitely practice your flirting skills: lighten up around others, give genuine compliments and show your fun side. The fab flirt makes someone feel good in her company – and you’ll be ready to make Mr Potential feel good when you meet him.

If you have a partner, then continuing to flirt helps to prevent your relationship from becoming dull. Keep sending flirty texts/e-mails and put on a flirty tone of voice on the phone, reminding him of something you’d like to do to him in bed that night.
Sizzle in the summer tip No.5: Aim for fun in the sun!
People feel happier and sexier in the sunshine, so plan outdoor dates with your new man or your long-term partner. Throw together a romantic picnic of finger-foods to hand-feed each other. You can stay close to home in your local park or find a hidden beauty spot – who knows, it might lead to some alfresco passion! Try something new together, like going for a paddle in a rental boat at a local lake, playing tennis, or even a game of croquet ub a beer-garden. Playing such games are a laugh – and laughter boosts endorphins – those feelgood chemicals that will have you feeling on top of the world.
Sizzle in the summer tip No.6: Dress for sex-cess!
Now is the time to invest in a sexy little number to spice things up. You might be lightly tanned or bronzed courtesy of a little self tan to show off those legs. You’re feeling happier and you should flaunt it. Spend time trying on lots of different things until you find something you feel sexually confident in. The new man in your life will think you’re gorgeous and a long-term partner will always notice a hot new number in your wardrobe.
Sizzle in the summer tip No.7: Say what you want!
So you’ve met a Mr Potential and things are getting hot. Start as you mean to go on by saying what does it for you in the bedroom. Men like to be told. They don’t like to feel you’re a complete mystery and that they might make lots of mistakes before they do something right.
Likewise, if you’re loved-up and the sex hasn’t been very good – turn on a sensual sounding voice and tell him how to touch and caress you.
Sizzle in the summer tip No.8: Ask and ask again!
Just as he wants to know what you want, never be shy of asking him what turns him on. Just by you asking men find it exciting. Coax his secret desires out of him, saying how much you really want to please him.
Sizzle in the summer tip No.9: Keep ringing the changes!
Some very simple things have been shown to keep your sex-life sizzling. Simply varying where you have sex occasionally, e.g., moving from the bedroom to the lounge helps. Also, don’t get lazy and always have ‘Sunday morning sex’ – turn up the heat on a Wednesday night for some midweek passion. Occasionally suggest trying try a new position as couples get stuck in their favourite one or two and that quickly becomes boring.
Sizzle in the summer tip No.10: Men are not mind readers!
Finally you can make this your summer of love by remembering this one key rule about men – they can’t read your mind. If you’ve just met him and you’re hoping he can ‘guess’ your moods and what you find romantic, scrap that thought. In tactful ways learn to say what’s on your mind. And if you’ve been with him for one, two, or 10 years, still don’t expect him to read your mind.

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